161 Worlds of Other Dimensions

Worlds of Other Dimensions

“Worlds of Other Dimensions”

On a far distant planet, there live beings, astonishing and unexpected, in a civilization utterly different from our own.

Lifeforms with advanced civilizations have included many types, such as humans, animals of the wild, insects, birds, and dinosaurs.

Spiritual civilizations—the ways we find spiritual fulfillment in culture—are diverse as well, but broadly divisible into two groups: those that value harmony and those that value development. The harmony group lives in peace and good will, but lacks power and vitality. The development group enjoys conveniences from its reliance on science, but struggles to find peace of mind in a competitive rat race. An ideal society would strike a balance between these two opposing senses of values.

There is not just one cosmos. The whole cosmos exists like a sea of bubbles: In one bubble is our universe; in another bubble live beings just like us. These bubbles number as many as the stars. Worlds far beyond the limits of our imagination exist here in our universe.

This limitless expanse exists even in our material world. When we die, we start a journey to a spiritual world—in other words, a world beyond our three-dimensional one stretches out before us. Four dimensions, five dimensions, or more… how far does the expanse extend?

The real world exists in a time without end, a space without limit.